Will Work For Travel

Posted on September 21st, by admin in Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Travel Tips. 9 comments

I’m officially unemployed. Wow. It feels weird to say that out loud. I know we all consciously resist the idea of letting what we do define who we are, but is that really possible when it’s always the 2nd or 3rd question that people ask you? Wonder how I’ll answer that inevitable question now when it comes up. But strangely, I’m not all that worried. Alternating between being a student or an employee or at times both, it feels liberating to just “be”. Sure, not knowing where my next paycheck will come from or weighing the pros and cons of whether or not to shell out for health insurance or still having to pay monthly bills is a tad disconcerting. But not having to get up at a certain time or constantly having unwelcome work issues seeping into my non-work … Read More »

Why Asia Makes Me Mad

Posted on July 30th, by admin in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville. 17 comments

It’ll soon be my 10th anniversary of living in Asia and more specifically in Cambodia. Being ethnically Vietnamese, a lot of things have come really easy.

Looking Asian: My Western friends get stared at anytime they do something interesting. Like riding a bicycle. Or walking along the road. Or breathing. It’s nice to kind of blend in and avoid the in-your-face curiosity which is sometimes unnerving.

Learning the language: While Khmer and Vietnamese are totally different in almost every way (Vietnamese script has been romanized while Khmer script has roots from the Brahmi script of ancient India and looks similar to Thai / Laotian), the syntax is similar. So when I don’t really know how to say something in Khmer, I’ll piece the words in the same order as Vietnamese and it usually works out…

Getting local prices: Unless I open my mouth, … Read More »

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