Royal Caribbean

All my favorite C’s — Cozumel, Caymans, Coladas

(Scene: Holding a candle, dramatically lighting up only my face while dressed all in black…) “My name is James… and I’m a spoiled brat”.

(all together:) “Hi, James!”


Just coming off a two week transatlantic cruise and heading off to Hawaii next week, I could barely muster up enthusiasm for this 7-day hassle-free family reunion cruise to the Western Caribbean. The famed electric blue waters of Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman? Meh. Another lobster dinner? Fine. A soak in the jacuzzi? Whatever. Unforgivable, I know. I’m beyond spoiled. I’m talking Brad and Angelina’s kids spoiled. Or possibly even Paris Hilton spoiled.

I need penance. And a diet. But penance first. So to make amends, I’d like to share five cruising tips for the first time cruiser that I’ve gleaned from spending 3 of the last 4 weeks aboard a cruise ship bouncing … Read More »

Medicane and Medicare — Hazards on the High Seas

Posted on November 21st, by admin in Cruising, Royal Caribbean, Travel Tips. 11 comments

Remember the end of the 1985 movie Cocoon when all the rejuvenated elderly folks went with the aliens to their world where people never get ill, age or die? Well, they’re back with a vengeance and I think I know where – Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship, The Navigator of the Seas.

It all started with an innocuous email in my inbox way back in April – an announcement that Royal Caribbean had made a sudden decision to reposition one of its ships (originally meant to winter in and around Dubai) from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. This meant an entirely empty ship desperate for passengers with prices to match. Sitting there in my office, swamped with work, the prospect of quitting my job to travel the world looming large – suddenly the idea of spending days on end doing nothing but … Read More »

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