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Indigenous and Prodigenous – A Case for Authentic, Local Experiences

A few months ago, I wrote a post about what Star Trek has taught me about travel. It remains one of my favorite posts to date. I love the way the crew of the Enterprise sought to interact with the indigenous population (especially when they were either green or furry), without leaving a trace, taking away only a better understanding of a foreign culture. There’s something to be said about traveling like a local.

Something that I’ve tried and loved is renting an apartment instead of a hotel whenever I can. I adored the little apartment I had for a week in a working class Prague neighborhood. I ferreted out the nearest supermarket and not only did I save money by buying meals from the hot food counter or making meals myself, but there’s something to be said about wandering the … Read More »

My Prague Czechlist

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Prague has always been on my bucket list of great cities to visit. Not that I actually knew anything about Prague, mind you, but in my head were visions of Old World castles peeking out from the fog along the Vltava River. Right or wrong, I had made a mental czechlist that included castles, stunning scenery, sophisticated cityscapes and interesting food. I present you, my Prague Czechlist.

Castles? Czech! Towering high over the city of Prague is the Prague Castle, the largest coherent castle complex in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records (nearly 70,000 m² total area including palaces and churches). As you draw steadily closer, the castle is simply massive, and since it’s located on a hill, it’s visible from almost everywhere in Prague. Unfortunately, the week I was there, the castle itself was closed for technical … Read More »

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