(Greek) Islands in the Sea

Posted on October 7th, by admin in Aegina, Greece, Hydra, Poros, Travel Tips. 2 comments

Who hasn’t dreamed of lazing around on a Greek island somewhere, small yacht anchored in a picturesque bay, a place to see and be seen amidst crystalline green waters, whitewashed houses gleaming against a cloudless blue sky? That’s just how I roll, right?

Well, this trip, that exact scenario wasn’t to be. The closest I would get would be visiting (and eating my way through) three islands within the group of Saronic islands in the Aegean Sea on a busy day cruise from Athens (cost €99, including hotel pick-up and lunch).

The first island was Poros, 60 km from Athen’s seaport of Piraeus with only about 4,000 inhabitants. Houses are built on a hill and there is a pretty clock tower amidst fragrant flowers, making for a photogenic landscape. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the people on … Read More »

12 Awesome Hours in Athens

Posted on October 4th, by admin in Athens, Greece, Travel Tips. 2 comments

I finally landed in Athens, after 19 hours of flying. That is actual FLYING time, people! Luckily, I am surprisingly good at doing nothing which is why I really don’t mind air travel all that much (and secretly, I DO like airplane food!). The older couple next to me kept asking if I wanted to go to the bathroom during the 12 hour Hong Kong to London leg and at the end, commented on my “stamina”… Nevertheless, first backtracking through Hong Kong and then overshooting my destination by flying to London then back to Greece, I was happy to be on the ground. I’m a road warrior, but even I was tired after this one. But my answer to jetlag has always been to try and be as active as possible, as soon as possible. Here’s my recommendation for a … Read More »

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