(Greek) Islands in the Sea

Posted on October 7th, by admin in Aegina, Greece, Hydra, Poros, Travel Tips. 2 comments

Who hasn’t dreamed of lazing around on a Greek island somewhere, small yacht anchored in a picturesque bay, a place to see and be seen amidst crystalline green waters, whitewashed houses gleaming against a cloudless blue sky? That’s just how I roll, right?

Well, this trip, that exact scenario wasn’t to be. The closest I would get would be visiting (and eating my way through) three islands within the group of Saronic islands in the Aegean Sea on a busy day cruise from Athens (cost €99, including hotel pick-up and lunch).

The first island was Poros, 60 km from Athen’s seaport of Piraeus with only about 4,000 inhabitants. Houses are built on a hill and there is a pretty clock tower amidst fragrant flowers, making for a photogenic landscape. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the people on … Read More »

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