Zombies, Cheese and Bacon Pillows – Can You Ever Go Home Again?

Posted on February 18th, by James in Hawaii, Travel, Vietnam, VietnamEat. 26 comments

When exactly is that moment where you realize that you’ve been traveling or living abroad for so long that what you’ve always called home is no longer home?

Is it when you’re more excited to get back on the plane than you were to get off it? Or when you realize the lives of family and friends have veered off in a completely different direction and you’re no longer thought of as the “adventurous traveler” but more like the “eccentric homeless person”? Is it when “What country do you live in again?” becomes the first question friends and relatives ask you? Or maybe when you can’t remember the last time you started a sentence with “Well, back home…” and were actually referring to the country of your birth?

While I still maintain a residence in the US and pay taxes … Read More »

NextGen Hamster iPhones – Where Does It End?

Posted on December 29th, by admin in Dallas, Hawaii, Honolulu, Uncategorized. 4 comments

“When they find a frozen caveman in their backyard, two high school outcasts thaw him out and introduce him to modern day life while he in turn, gets them to actually enjoy life.”

You know you know what movie that is. Of course, it’s the 1992 Pauly Shore insta-classic, Encino Man. And I’m sure you’ve even watched it more than once. Admit it. And don’t pretend it was only on an airplane…

Every time I go back to the States, I can’t help but feel like my own hapless, lost Brendan Frasier, freshly emerged from an icy coma to find myself squarely placed in the 21st century. It was no different this time, as I visited family in Dallas and friends in Honolulu on the last leg of my round the world journey.

Locked away in technology-poor Cambodia, I truly believe the world … Read More »

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