Ghouls and Goulash in Budapest

Posted on November 1st, by admin in Budapest, Hungary, Szentendre. 1 Comment

Every major city that plays hosts to tourists typically has some version of a tourist card, usually a combination transportation + admissions to some of the most popular attractions + discounts to other attractions / activities / restaurants. Google and you’ll

find online forums debating the value of these cards (some may have intangible benefits like allowing you to jump a long line at a popular attraction) or whether they’re simply a waste of money (forcing you to see things you really don’t want to see or wouldn’t otherwise visit, just to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth).

This was my dilemma in Budapest for the 3.5 days I’d be there. Online forums seemed to lean towards the Budapest Card being a bad deal, but throwing caution to the wind, I went ahead and got the 48 hour card. Here’s how … Read More »

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