What Star Trek Has Taught Me About Travel

Posted on February 27th, by James in Ho Chi Minh City, Jordan, Petra, Travel, Vietnam. 19 comments

As a kid in the early 80s, I remember rushing home from school in time to get my Star Trek fix, eager to see what trouble the valiant crew of the Enterprise would encounter that week. Would it be hyper reproductive furballs, gladiator-style death battles or some near fatal malfunction of the dilithium crystals? And more importantly, what color alien would Captain Kirk inevitably have to seduce in the name of intergalactic diplomacy?

I even once met a real life crew member at LAX. Sadly, he could not use his special powers to transport us from the secondary security line.

While I wasn’t what you’d consider a hardcore Trekkie, unfamiliar with all the acronyms like TNG and DS9, I was nevertheless smitten by the travel bug from a young age when our family took its first international vacation, all the way to … Read More »

Amman for the Senses

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After the unbeatable highlight that was Petra, it was hard to find motivation for more exploring around Amman, the ancient capital of the Biblical Ammonites.

However, I present you Amman for the Senses.

Sights: The first thing I noticed is that Amman is really hilly. The panorama of houses is an undulating one. The well-preserved Roman theater is smack in the middle of downtown, set into the side of a mountain. Its 33 rows of seats sit almost 6,000 spectators. It’s humbling to find yourself sitting there in the afternoon sun and imagining what performances back in the 2nd century AD must have been like. The acoustics are still amazing. The Citadel sits high above the rest of Amman and commands awesome views of the city. (Take a taxi up for less than JD 1 and walk back down when you’re finished…) … Read More »

Petra — Lost City of Stone

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Described as “a red-rose city, half as old as time”, it seems like it’s been forever that I’ve wanted to visit Petra. I mean, an entire city, carved out of sandstone cliffs accessible only after walking through a 2km canyon? Built in the 6th century BC and flourishing with a population of about 20,000 Nabateans in its heyday only to be abandoned and lost to most of the world at the end of the 12th century after an earthquake and foreign domination, and only recently re-discovered in the early 1800′s? You couldn’t MAKE this stuff up. I could barely sleep the night before visiting. What I wasn’t expecting was how physical a day it would turn out to be…

Petra must be entered through The Siq, the once ceremonial entrance to Petra, a winding walk of almost a mile through a … Read More »

Road Trip, Jordanian Style!

Posted on October 8th, by admin in Al Karak, Aqaba, Dead Sea, Jordan, Madaba, Mt Nebo. 4 comments

Jordan made it onto my bucket list solely based on mystical Petra, an entire city carved in stone. So it was that I found myself in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Jordan and really hadn’t done very much planning for this leg, other than downloading some possible side trips other than Petra. But what I’ve seen in Jordan has totally blown me away, and for all the right reasons.

While Amman is an interesting city in its own right, you really need to get out of Amman to visit most of the sights Jordan is known for. While about town, I just so happened to eavesdrop on a Spanish couple, Miguel and Bea, asking questions from the Tourist Office about hiring a taxi to Petra. Five minutes later, the three of us were hashing out a … Read More »

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