Where The Malawi Are We?

Posted on December 22nd, by admin in Africa, Lake Malawi, Malawi, Safari, Travel. 2 comments

We spend parts of the next three days driving through the Tanzanian countryside on our way to Malawi. Vendors dash after every slowing bus, eager to sell fruit, cashews and other snacks to bored passengers. The cheery sound of children calling and waving to the truck never gets old.

We spend the night at the Baobab Valley Camp where thousands of acacia and baobab trees crowd for space in the arid landscape. A few young Maasai man the camps, keeping up the fires to heat the water, but shyly refuse photographs from our group. I take them aside and through sign language and laughter draw them into conversation in halting English. They lead me through the campsite to a huge cactus and freely pose for photos away from the eyes of the group.

The bar is set on the banks of a … Read More »

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