Kuala Lumpur

Have Passport. Won’t Travel.

Posted on September 22nd, by admin in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Travel Tips. 5 comments

When I told a friend about my upcoming trip around the world, lamenting how much it was going to cost (answer: about the cost of a small car), he replied: “Just think of all the gadgets you could buy with that!” This coming from a man whose living room might as well have been sponsored by Apple. But gadgets eventually break or need to be upgraded. (Seriously. How many devices that play music can one person possibly own?) Memories, though, last forever. I love travel because there’s no substitute for laying your own eyes on something for the first time. I’ve seen pictures of Abu Simbel in movies (The Mummy, anyone?) but gasped to round the bend and see it in all its grandeur on a recent trip to Egypt. I’ve seen countless National Geographic shows on African animals, but … Read More »

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