Sossusvlei — Where People Disappear in the Sand

A good day’s journey through the Tropic of Capricorn, past tons of ostriches, some zebra and oryx, takes us on our way south to the inexorable end of the trip. The landscape changes from chalky white to sparse yellow grasses. Strange, unexplainable perfect circles of sand amidst the brush (known as ‘fairy circles’) dot the landscape.

For lunch, we stop at the town of Solitaire in the middle of nowhere. It’s actually a misnomer, since it’s more a cluster of low buildings than a town. However, it strangely boasts an authentic German bakery, operated by a great big man aptly named ‘Moose’, and we have huge slabs of authentically delicious apple strudel. There are scattered remnants of old cars and motorcycles incongruously but artistically arranged amongst the dunes and cacti.

The next day, we leave at 5 am for Dune 45, a … Read More »

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