Dolphins Rock!

Posted on September 24th, by admin in Kaikoura, New Zealand, Travel Tips, Uncategorized. 6 comments

I might have an IQ of 142, but my name is James and I am spatially challenged. There, I said it. Every intelligence test I’ve ever taken where I needed to predict how a piece of paper would look after it’s been folded, I’ve basically guessed at. Now, give me a map and an address, and I’m there. But ask me how I got there or where I’ve been, and all you’ll get is a blank, slightly confused stare in return. So last December, when I saw an amazing sale for flights to New Zealand from Phnom Penh, I jumped on it. New Zealand is somewhere around Australia, right? And they have sheep. And kiwis. Wait. Is that (a) a fruit, (b) a bird, (c) something you call a New Zealander or (d) all of the above? If you can … Read More »

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