Spanish People Are Good-Looking! (And other random generalizations)

Posted on October 23rd, by admin in Barcelona, Madrid, Spain, Travel Tips, Uncategorized. 5 comments

It was bound to happen.

With 21 flights in the space of a few weeks, the inevitable… “They”… lost my luggage. You know the feeling. You’re waiting at the luggage carousel, seeing everyone gleefully leaving with their luggage, piled high. “I’m SURE it’s coming”, you say to yourself. “It’ll be in the next batch”. But all you see is the same sad shrink-wrapped bag go around and around yet again, the thwack thwack of the belt as it passes by – the loneliest sound in the world. You hold your breath, desperately hoping more luggage will come out of the chute. You’re the last passenger there, or maybe there’s another forlorn passenger teetering between hope and resignation to share your misery. Then – the sound you never want to hear. Silence. The carousel has shut down. The final confirmation that you’re … Read More »

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