Ngorongoro Crater

Where in the World Would You Go With $25,000?

Posted on May 10th, by James in Africa, Ngorongoro Crater, Photo of the Day, Tanzania, Travel. 14 comments

I never enter contests. The cynic in me says you never get something for nothing. Supermarkets want access to your buying history. Timeshares just want to sell you something you don’t need that you can’t afford. I never fill out any of those silly entry forms to be stuffed in a big box wrapped with gaudy paper. So I don’t know what possessed me to enter the $25,000 Dream Trip from Conde Nast a few months ago. Maybe it was just the millisecond of fantasy — where would I go if I could go anywhere in the world and spend $25,000 doing it? Maybe I was bored at work and was trawling through travel websites and daydreaming. Maybe my evil twin entered those photos.

I’ve always been a scrimp-and-save type person. A planner. Ultimately practical yet tenuously repressing a frivolous streak. … Read More »

The Living Edens of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

Posted on December 8th, by admin in Africa, Arusha, Ngorongoro Crater, Safari, Serengeti, Tanzania, Travel. No Comments

A day’s driving takes us through the rolling green hills from Kenya to Tanzania. Interestingly, the visa was USD 100 for Americans, USD 50 for everyone else — unfortunately something I’d get used to hearing throughout the trip (I guess it has to do with the US charging visitors expensive visa fees, so in the spirit of turnabout’s fair play…). We drive past workers bent akimbo in lush tea plantations, fruit sellers with their produce piled neatly into orange, onion, mango and watermelon pyramids and funny store signs like ‘Excellent Fashions & Utensils’. Really? Unlike Reese’s Pieces, these are two things that don’t normally go together. Perhaps it’s for the housewife who wants to shop for frocks and spoons at the same place. Get it? Frocks and spoons? Forks and spoons? Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I only amuse myself… … Read More »

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