Beach Eats in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Posted on July 22nd, by James in Food, Nha Trang, Travel Tips, Turkey, Vietnam, VietnamEat. 8 comments

There’s something about that first whiff of salty sea air that gets me all giddy.  Then come the maddening slivers of blue and green that you can barely make out through the trees, like a harbinger of pleasure. Just being near the beach, I can practically feel the tension easing out of my shoulders.

At some point in my life, I simply must live by the seaside. Until then, my quick trips to Nha Trang, Vietnam’s premier beach destination will have to suffice.

And even if I can’t always stay at a secluded island retreat like a rock star, at least I know I’ll always be able to eat like one. While I love the beaches of southern Thailand, my beach foodie pick is still Nha Trang, for its great balance between Western comfort food (borscht, anyone?) and local fare.

Nha Trang has basically one … Read More »

Istanbul, A Love Letter

Posted on October 17th, by admin in Istanbul, Travel Tips, Turkey, Uncategorized. 13 comments

Dear Istanbul,

I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, but in that short amount of time, I’ve really grown to love you.

I love how I never know what to expect from you. Are you Asian or European? (Or both because you’re the only metropolis in the world to straddle both continents). Are you old or are you new? (I love how it’s called the New Mosque, even though it’s practically 400 years old.) Are you Muslim or are you Christian? I just never know with you. What do I call you? Constantinople? Byzantium? Maybe I’ll just call you “Gorgeous”. I love that I can stand practically anywhere, do a 360 and spy a spire or minaret or dome somewhere. I love that I can be walking on marble, then round the corner and see a beautiful cobblestone … Read More »

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