Amman for the Senses

Posted on October 12th, by admin in Amman, Jerash, Travel Tips. 2 comments

After the unbeatable highlight that was Petra, it was hard to find motivation for more exploring around Amman, the ancient capital of the Biblical Ammonites.

However, I present you Amman for the Senses.

Sights: The first thing I noticed is that Amman is really hilly. The panorama of houses is an undulating one. The well-preserved Roman theater is smack in the middle of downtown, set into the side of a mountain. Its 33 rows of seats sit almost 6,000 spectators. It’s humbling to find yourself sitting there in the afternoon sun and imagining what performances back in the 2nd century AD must have been like. The acoustics are still amazing. The Citadel sits high above the rest of Amman and commands awesome views of the city. (Take a taxi up for less than JD 1 and walk back down when you’re finished…) … Read More »

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