Are you a celebrity? Cuz I just might stalk you…

Um. Mr. Sandler. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your body of work.

I’m not a celebrity stalker. Really, I’m not. I just have the habit of bumping into them.

Like the time I was having breakfast at the Kahala Hotel in Honolulu where a pro-am golf tournament was being held. A friend (who is even more celebrity-challenged than I am) casually said over macadamia nut waffles, “Hey. I think that’s Adam Sandler.” The rest of us snickered. “Yeah, suuuure it is! You should definitely go ask for his autograph”, we chortled. Turned out it was him and she had the last laugh.

Then there was the time I was waiting in a security line in LAX when the man behind me looked vaguely familiar. “Star Trek, right?” I asked. “You can’t use your celebrity status to get us out of this line?” was my next question. Yeah, really not all that starstruck.

Really? You can’t get us out of this line? I’m sure the REAL Scotty could’ve…

Then there were all the tennis greats, like Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Monica Seles, who I met while ushering tennis tournaments in my teens. (Confession time… Mom, I ended up ditching school that Friday to hang out with tennis stars when you told me not to! I’m sorry! But it’s ok, see? Because I turned out all right…)

Algebra vs. meeting a tennis legend. Hmmmm…

A very giggly Monica Seles

Then there was the time when I was on a plane with Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame.

But I totally have nothing on this 16 year old girl who has upwards of 4,600 photos with every celebrity from Justin Bieber to Oprah.

When I was living in Phnom Penh, I’d always read in the paper of Brad and Angelina’s (who’s an honorary Cambodian citizen) recent stay at a nearby hotel. Sigh. The one celebrity I actually want to meet… I mean, she can’t possibly be as pretty in real life as in the photos, right?

As any expat living abroad, I spend a unhealthy reasonable amount of time getting my fix of celebrity gossip anytime I travel stateside. (TMZ followed by Talk Soup!? Cancel my morning appointments!) But usually I’m really out of the loop. I mean, who has time to google celebrity news when there are videos of piano jugglers just begging to be watched?

I’m actually woefully uninformed when it comes to celebrity news. Like months or even years behind the times. Michael Jackson died? Demi and Ashton broke up? LiLo isn’t an upstanding citizen? Wha? I blame the lack of any English news stations on my Vietnamese cable programming.

Which is why I’m always surprised to find out some celebrity (like K-pop sensation Super Junior) visited and were greeted by thousands of rabid Vietnamese fans. And why said celebrities need serious bodyguards for protection. But not from people like me. Not unless you’re Angelina. Then, yeah, you should probably be a little bit afraid.

Can’t get enough of celebrities and the people who protect them? Read my interview with professional bodyguard Rod Stubbs who’s guarded everyone from Super Junior to the Back Street Boys to the Prime Minister, in a recent issue of Word HCMC.

What about you? Which celebrity’s underwear drawer would you raid?

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15 thoughts on “Are you a celebrity? Cuz I just might stalk you…

  1. Mike Montross

    They are “just like you and me”… I often think that “they get up from bed, look in the mirror in the morning and must face our Creator” the same way I do each day.

    Best Wishes,
    (By the Way… must Clean my Own Drawers in Case someone comes to visit!)
    Mike & Lydia

    1. James Post author

      They’re “just like you and me”… if only you and me had 15 million in a bank account! Seeing celebrities is kind of like seeing the moon during the day. It’s just so out of place!
      James recently posted..My Asparagus DealerMy Profile

  2. Sue

    That is a great picture of Adam with you and Diana!!!! That’s the unfortunate part of working at TIFF, I cannot take pics of any of the celebrities. But I have to contribute this to your blog, Angelina is even more beautiful in person than in the movies. Honestly. You’re hoping to see something ugly, something that is airbrushed out in the magazines, but nope.

      1. Sue

        It kills me too! I have seen so many celebs up close and personal while on duty and I don’t have one pic! I think that is so neat that you not only have pics but you’re in them! Very impressive! I had Ryan Gosling stand right beside me alone in a hallway before going in to the theatre and I could have had the greatest picture moment ever but alas……

  3. cosmoHallitan

    I visited London for the first time when I was 15 years old and passed Mr. Belvedere – who was wearing a top hat and tails tuxedo – on the street. I ran after him into the hotel he entered, jumped in the elevator and dragged him out to the lobby so my friends and I could take photos. I’d probably be arrested if I pulled a stunt like that now!
    cosmoHallitan recently posted..Exploring Thailand’s Sukhothai RuinsMy Profile

    1. James Post author

      I couldn’t stop laughing when I got to Mr. Belvedere! I can’t believe you’re old enough to even know who that is! And amongst all the celebrities, he’d probably top the Least Stalkable list. (And WHY was he wearing a top hat and tux? Sounds like a ploy for attention! LOL) Great story, though. Must have made your London trip!
      James recently posted..Are you a celebrity? Cuz I just might stalk you…My Profile


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