Majorca’s Majestic Marine Park

The Mediterranean Islands are a beautiful set of holiday destinations whatever your interests for a vacation are, but the biggest of the Balearic Islands holds one of the best marine parks in the world. It’s a place where you can create memories that will last forever just by being there, but with a bit of guidance you can see some even more breathtaking sights.

The Cabrera National Marine Park is accessible only by boat, but this will seem like a minimum effort once you get there and drink in the natural beauty. There are a huge variety of exotic fish on show beneath the crystal waters here and the reef is home to even more fascinating sea life. Whether you are an enthusiast or simply out to see the wonders of the ocean, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on that will leave you with beautiful memories as clear as the waters of this stunning marine park.

It’s not just the water that holds a treat for the eyes, as the jutting rocks of the surrounding land are enough to take your breath away on their own. Take a hike across this fantastic stretch of land and you’ll discover a 14th century castle – complete with a gift shop for memorabilia and a cafe to stop for refreshments. There’s also a museum nearby for further entertainment. Whether you spend more time in the water or on the close by terrain, this is such a naturally gorgeous place that any trip to Mallorca isn’t complete without a visit here.

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