A Few Packing Tips for a Long Trip

If you are planning a long trip, you will need to take a slightly different approach to packing. Here are a few tips to help you to decide what to take and what to leave at home.

Pack high-quality clothes

The clothes you pack for a long trip are going to be washed and worn numerous times. So, they need to be comfortable and high-quality. It is better to buy your underwear from somewhere like Jacamo than it is from a market stall. You do not want to waste time going shopping for boxer shorts because the elastic has gone in the ones you packed.

Plan to dress in layers

On a long trip you are bound to experience changing weather conditions. Even in very warm places, most months, it will still rain once or twice. So, you need to be ready for changing weather conditions.

The best way to do this is to put together mix and match outfits that can be worn in layers. On a cold day you can wear everything to stay warm. On warmer days, you can just wear a single layer. To be able to do this successfully, everything needs to be well color coordinated.

Being ready for all eventualities

You also need to make sure that the clothes you pack are suitable for all eventualities. For example, if you meet someone you like you will need something nice to wear for your first date. So, it is wise to pack a pair of formal or semi-formal trousers and a smart shirt or blouse, for such an occasion.

Always carry at least one change of clothes with you

No doubt, on a long trip, you will be taking several flights, train or bus journeys. Inevitably, you are going to experience delays. It is best to be prepared for these. Having a set of spare underwear and a top you can change into, some basic toiletries and something non-electronic to occupy is a good idea. You will also be glad of this, should your bags go astray. If you are on medication, always carry a couple of days supply on your person.

The right insurance

You also need to double check that your travel insurance covers you properly. Most policies include some sort of time restriction when it comes to how long you can be away from home. You do not want to inadvertently leave yourself without travel insurance coverage for the end of your special trip.

Use an activity-based packing list

The best way to work out what you need to pack is to write down the various activities you are hoping to enjoy while you are away. As you do this, also note down the most likely weather conditions. Now create a list based on what you will need for each of those activities. Or, if you prefer, you can download and use activity-based packing lists, like the one you can find here. It is very good it even includes things like packing anti-fungal foot cream for certain conditions and activities.

Buy some good luggage

All you need to do now is to buy some good-quality luggage for your trip. It will come as no surprise for you to learn that I am a little bit in love with luggage. So, when I stumbled across The World Bags and Luggage Museum, in Taitō, Tokyo, I could not resist going in. You can read all about my day there, in this article. It may even help you to decide what style of luggage is right for you.