Photo of the Week — Repurposed Art

Recycled metal and bike parts made into hats and sculptures

The Vietnamese are amazingly industrious when it comes to repurposing materials. Computer mother boards are broken down, wires are stripped for their copper and even old monitors are turned into TVs. Hardly anything goes to waste. So it was cool to stumble onto these examples of repurposed art. Want your own Alien vs. Predator collection? Upon closer inspection, these intricate sculptures are actually made from bits of bicycle chain, nuts and wires. Or maybe you fancy a fashion forward baseball cap made from your favorite beer or soda cans?

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4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week — Repurposed Art

  1. Gwen Healy

    Talk about thinking outside the box artistically, now what can I do with all the plastic water bottles and all the little caps that go on them? hmmm!!!Waste not want not.

  2. Bach

    Vietnamese artists are also masters at copying famous paintings. I once watched for 30 minutes one such artist at a downtown Hochiminh City art gallery painstakingly reproducing on canvas the Mona Lisa painting. I could not stay on or return later to see the finished product, but the part I saw was stunning. Every art gallery has at least one such resident painter.
    Hang on your Manhattan condo apartment an Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup painting made in Vietnam, install an intricate and conspicuous security system to protect it, and your guests would readily believe that it is the real McCoy.

    1. James Post author

      Great point. Covering those master reproductionists is already in my blog queue. I’ve met quite a few recently who have been struggling to find work, though, with less tourists coming through than before. It’s not exactly a skill that’s easily transferable…


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