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  1. Mac HEDIGER

    I love to follow Jimmy in his travels, and enjoy very much reading his very witty and interesting comments about what he sees. Continue sending me all your blogs. Thank you.

  2. Renee Hazellief

    I love your blog! As one who travel’s alot, I am alway’s looking for information from people I know regarding the place’s that are in my travel plan’s. You alway’s give great tip’s in your blog and your photo’s are fantastic! Renee

    1. James

      Thanks Renee! I want a record of where I’ve been and who I’ve met so I can relive some good times… If others enjoy it as well, all the better. Thanks for reading!

  3. Mike Montross

    Please continue to send me updates on travel information Jimmy – we appreciate your insights and expressive details. Very enjoyable reading.


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