Showtime in Las Vegas

Vegas is synonymous with casinos and gambling, and for this reason many people travel here purely for that experience. A mecca for stag parties, and the rebel’s wedding location of choice, you could be forgiven for thinking this is all the great city is about. What many people forget is that Vegas is also famous for its performances and stars – just as much as Hollywood. Here you can see some of the most famous faces of all time, while they fulfil their dream of performing a season in Las Vegas. Check out some of the top Vegas shows below, and book cheap flights with flythomascook online today.

Celine Dion
Famous for probably the most memorable movie theme ever in Titanic, Celine Dion belts out “My Heart Will Go On” as part of her show at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace. The international superstar from Canada showcases a collection of her own hits, as well as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Far from the teenager that introduced “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” to the world, the now 31 year old pop icon is the latest to join the ranks in Vegas and starts her two year residency in December of this year. The show, called “Piece of Me”, will be performed at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Jersey Boys
Winner of several Tony awards, and currently one of the most famous Broadway shows, Jersey Boys is on stage in Vegas. This is one of the cheaper tickets in the city, and is well worth a watch at far less than the cost to see it on Broadway.

Catching a show in Vegas might not interest the hard-core Vegas gamblers, but for holidaymakers and first time visitors to the region it is an experience you should not go without. The glitz, glamour and all out show stopping production is something you will never forget.

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