Travel Photo Roulette Round #53: Serendipity

Update: Contest now closed. Please check back on Friday to see who won. And if any contestants want to send me a muffin basket or, I don’t know, say an iPad, “just because”, I’m TOTALLY ok with that…

I never win contests. I come close to winning contests. Like the time I made the Top 25 Finalists in Conde Nast’s Dream Trip out of more than 20,000 entries. In my mind, I was already spending the $25,000 grand prize sailing away to far flung Zanzibar, gorilla trekking in Uganda and midnight swimming in the Seychelles when I got the rejection email…

So it was with glee that I won the lastest round of Travel Photo Roulette hosted by Jaime at Breakaway Backpacker. And now it’s my turn to host the next round. What to choose as the theme? The pressure was on… I woke up in cold sweats last night, confident that I had finally settled on the one from my narrowed down selection of four.

Yeah, yeah. Great power. Great responsibility. Got it.

Yeah, yeah. Great power. Great responsibility. Got it.

So, without further ado, the theme for the 53rd Travel Photo Roulette is…

Cambodian Oxcart Drivers Named Soksay

Entry #1

My name is Soksay. I'm a Cambodian oxcart driver.

My name is Soksay. I’m a Cambodian oxcart driver.

Woo hoo! Since I’m the only entry, I guess that means I win again! Next week’s theme: Breakfast With Adam Sandler. Discuss.

Entry #1

What? You've never had breakfast with Adam? #deprived

What? You’ve never had breakfast with Adam? #deprived

Really? You mean I win a third time in a row? You guys shouldn’t have. Really. This is getting embarrassing. I’m starting to feel like Meryl Streep at the Oscars. I wonder if anyone will notice if I just re-use last year’s acceptance speech.

All kidding aside, my theme for this esteemed 53rd round is: Serendipity.

What’s that, you ask?


In a nutshell, it’s that giddy feeling we all get when we find ourselves in exactly the right place at the right time. The joy of seeing something totally unexpected that makes you catch your breath. It doesn’t always have to happen when we travel. You may just be hanging out at the CD section of your local Walmart when it strikes.

My, what long toe nails you have!

My, what long toe nails you have!

But oftentimes, it does happen when we travel. Maybe it’s because we’re more open to new experiences. Or because we’re out and about, traveling low and slow, taking in more of… well, everything.

It could be the first time you see the Eiffel Tower in real life. Or round the Siq and come face to face with Petra’s Treasury. Or turn the corner and find yourself staring at the great Abu Simbel.

Maybe it’s something as simple as placing your camera on a window ledge too high to actually see out of, pressing the shutter and coming out with a photo of Istanbul’s beautiful spires.

Taken from a very high window ledge in the Hagia Sophia

Taken from a very high window ledge in the Hagia Sophia

Or looking up in Da Vinci’s Room of Mirrors in Rome and seeing sides of yourself you can never unsee.

Which side is my best side?

So hard choosing my best side…

Or getting tongued by a very bold giraffe.

I said, "NO TONGUE on the first date!"

I said, ‘NO TONGUE on the first date!’

Or waking up and feeling like you’re quite literally on top of the world.

Nagarkot, Nepal with a view of the Himalayas

Nagarkot, Nepal with a view of the Himalayas

Or just turning the corner and seeing an entire mobile fish shop mounted on a motorbike.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I know that’s why I can’t stop traveling. I want to constantly move from one moment of serendipity to the next, and to remember to savor each one like it was the last spoonful of pie that you’ve hidden way in the back of the fridge until everyone’s gone so you can eat it in eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head peace.

I absolutely can’t wait to see your moments of serendipity.

Wow me.
Transport me.
Delight me, and you too, young Peter Parker, will soon host your very own version of Travel Photo Roulette #54!

The Contest will run from January 14-21, 2013. (I’m giving you guys the weekend to sort through your photos which is absolutely the best part of this contest! Feel free to leave comments / submissions now but I’ll start posting them on Monday.)

For those new to the process, Travel Photo Roulette is a rotating event open to bloggers and photographers and people generally interested in good work. See the rules below.

Contest Overview

The contest rotates through travel and/or photography blogs as such, the winner of the previous round of Travel Photo Roulette hosts the subsequent round on their own blog. The new host then chooses the next theme, a generic keyword or phrase and players submit their interpretations of the theme over the course of the week of the contest.

At the end of the week, the hosting blogger chooses their favorite photo from the submissions and displays it as the week’s winning entry. They then include direction to the new host for the next round. Readers can attempt to lobby the author toward a certain photo via comments – the author can accept or ignore any lobby as they see fit. The game is repeated with the winner hosting the following week’s game and choosing a phrase for new photo submissions.


  • One submission per blog (so sites that have 2+ authors only get one entry).
  • Post processing is permitted, but photo altering (ie. Photoshopping) is not.
  • Abstract submissions welcomed as long as it fits within the interpretation of the chosen phrase. Remember, the hosting blogger chooses the winner, so if they cannot understand the submission, you might not win!
  • Please try and keep your images medium-sized and web-optimized (around 600px).
  • If you win, keep these in mind when choosing a new theme: * Keep phrases general so that all bloggers can participate. Specific items like “Eiffel Tower” should be avoided but rather made open-ended like “monuments.” For variety, it is okay to say focused things such as “monuments at night” which most of us have pictures of. Phrases can be generic ‘signs’, or abstract  ‘religion’. *Abstract thoughts are appreciated, but keep it within the realm that all readers will understand. No “Kafka-esque”, or “Overlooking Creation”. Use something that is able to be interpreted by all.
  • After 1 year, phrases can be reused, however new photos must be submitted.
  • No obscene pictures or phrases allowed. Suggestive phrases and photography can be accepted, but please keep it within reason.
  • Keep the ideas and photos fresh!
  • Pictures from your entire portfolio are fair to submit. You do not have to take the photo within the week of the contest period to submit it.
  • Most importantly, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN.
  • One last rule, since this is a competition for bloggers, we need you to be a blogger to be declared a winner. Sorry!

How to submit your photos

To enter in the Photo Roulette competition simply leave a comment below with a link to the image (whether Flickr, Picasa or your own site) and we will upload it to this post. Don’t forget to provide a brief description or caption for the photo so the viewers can get a little background as to what’s happening.

Check back here throughout the week to see all the entries as they come in and feel free to comment on them. The contest runs for 7 days from today, with the submission date being January 14-21 (Monday to Monday). The winner will be announced in a few days after the deadline, and they will host round #54.

Entry #1 Jeremy of Living the Dream

Black bear spotted in tree, Banff National Park (Canada)

01 Jeremy

Entry #2 Mike of Along the Mekong

An unexpected wedding invitation in Do Luong (Vietnam)

02 Mike Tatarski

Entry #3 Chris of Amateur Traveler

Stumbling across a Dustin Hoffman movie shoot in London

03 Chris Christensen

Entry #4 Andrea of Inspiring Travellers

Meeting up with Tom Araya, lead singer from Slayer in Bogota, Colombia

04 Andrea

Entry #5 Greg from Adventures of a GoodMan

Sunset over the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

05 Greg Goodman

Entry #6 Adam from Getting Stamped

Pick up soccer game at sunset (Bali, Indonesia)

06 Adam Getting Stamped

Entry #7 David and Veronica from The GypsyNester

Ringing endorsement for a product meant to prevent sleepiness brought on by highland sickness (Cusco, Peru)

07 Gypsy Nester

Entry #8 Ted from Traveling Ted

Serendipity in Quetico Provincial Park

08 Traveling Ted

Entry #9 Dyanne from TravelnLass

Coming on a fresh lion kill on a walking safari (Kruger National Park, South Africa)

09 TravelnLass

Entry #10 from Giulia of Travel Reportage

Starry night as seen from a tent (Basata, Egypt)

10 Travel Reportage

Entry #11 from Average Traveller

Catching a couple on their special day while on our 10th year anniversary (Venice, Italy)

11 Average Traveller

Entry #12 Torre from Fearful Adventurer

Red carpet walk with dad as caught by a random photographer, later spotted by Torre’s sister on Facebook (Melbourne)

12 Fearful Adventurer

Entry #13 Lee from Global Goose

A trip to New Orleans on a whim, escorted by a marching band to a jazz concert

13 Global Goose

Entry #14 Dave from Travel Transmissions

At the top of one among 2,000 Burmese temples, greeted by a rainbow (Bagan, Myanmar)

14 Travel Transmissions

Entry #15 Peg from A Kilt and A Camera

Swallow takes flight in the window of Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland)

15 A Kilt and a Camera

Entry #16 TJ from herdailydigest

Busy Saigon streets during Christmas, New Year and Tet!

16 Her Daily Digest

Entry #17 Kathryn from Travel with Kat

A camel communing moment (Rajasthan, India)


Entry #18 from Ferreting Out The Fun

A woman in traditional Vietnamese dress riding a canary yellow Vespa, capturing the essence of HCMC – old traditions racing into the modern world

18 Ferreting

Entry #19 Vana from Simply Vana

Face to face with a Great White in the Neptune Islands (South Australia)

19 Vana

Entry #20 Cam from Traveling Canucks

Chilean cowboy galloping in front of the mysterious Moai Statues on Easter Island

20 Traveling Canucks

Entry #21 Elaine from Trip Wellness

A dove in the desert, close and quiet in the afternoon light

21 Trip Wellness

Entry #22 Steve from PhotoFly Travel Club

Marmout proposes

22 Photo Fly Travel

Entry #23 Craig from Flashpack at Forty

Korean stare down at the DMZ

23 Flashpack at Forty

Entry #24 Chris from Backpacker Banter

Well-timed bathroom break on the Inca Trail

24 Backpacker Banter

Entry #25 Leslie from Downtown Traveler

Legally camping overnight in Central Park via NY Parks Department lottery

25 Downtown Traveler

Entry #26 Bennett from Chill Randy

Taken from the back of a motorbike in Saigon using a FILM (!) camera

26 Chill Randy

Past Photo Roulette Winners and Hosts

The following is a list of the previously played rounds of the game and the hosting blogger for each. This list also doubles as a winner’s table as each topic host won the preceding round! Click the host’s link to go directly to that entry to see some stunning photographs from the chosen term/phrase!

1. Nov 4–10, 2010 – Living the Dream – “Animals”
2. Nov 17–24, 2010 – Skinny Backpacker – “Road Signs”
3. Nov 29–Dec 6, 2010 – Dream a Little Dream – “Street Art”
4. Dec 8–15, 2010 – Flashpacker HQ – “Festival”
5. Dec 17–24, 2010 – Over Yonderlust – “Landmarks”
6. Dec 26–Jan 2, 2011 – Don’t Ever Look Back – “Beaches”
7. Jan 5–12, 2011 – ThePlanetD – “Portraits”
8. Jan 15–22, 2011 – Travel with a Mate – “Motion”
9. Jan 26–Feb 3, 2011 – Johnny Vagabond – “Water”
10. Feb 8–15, 2011 – Ken Kaminesky – “Urban”
11. Feb 21–27, 2011 – Travels of Adam – “Friday Night”
12. Mar 7–13, 2011 – Itchy Feet Chronicles – “The Journey”
13. Mar 19– 25, 2011 – Brendan’s Adventures – “Changing Seasons”
14. Apr 4–10, 2011 – Shutterfeet – “Storytelling”
15. Apr 13–21, 2011 – 10 Times One – “Piousness”
16. Apr 26–May 4, 2011 – Beached Eskimo – “Learning”
17. May 21–27, 2011 – Travel Junkies – “Architecture”
18. Jun 1–7, 2011 – Destination World – “Transportation”
19. Jun 8–15, 2011 – Living the Dream – “Paradise”
20. Jun 21-28, 2011 – Vagabond Quest – “Clothes”
21. Jul 4-11, 2011 – The Unframed World – “Symmetry”
22. Jul 16-25, 2011 – Beached Eskimo – “Home”
23. Jul 31 – Aug 7, 2011 – BackPackerBanter – “Inspiration”
24. Aug 14 – 21, 2011 – WanderingTrader – “Darkness”
25. Aug 28 – Sep 4, 2011 – Finding the Universe – “Tranquillity”
26. Sep 12 – 19, 2011 – Fearful Adventurer – “Food”
27. Sep 23 – 30, 2011 – Adventures of a GoodMan – “City”
28. Oct 06 – 13, 2011 – – “Reflections”
29. Oct 17 – 24, 2011 – Scene With A Hart – ”Framing”
30. Nov 9 – 16, 2011 – Vagabond Quest – “Silhouettes”
31. Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2011 – Hecktic Travels – “Music”
32. Dec 11 – Dec 18, 2011 – Globetrotter Girls – “Love”
33. Dec 25 – Jan 1, 2012– Man on the lam – “Humor”
34. Jan 8 – Jan 15, 2012 – My Walkabout – “Winter”
35. Jan 15 – Jan 22, 2012 – The Art of Slow Travel – “Blue”
36. Feb 6 – Feb 13, 2012 – Ten times One – “Depth of the Field”
38. March 7 – March 14, 2012 – Nomadbiba – “Sunshine”
39. March 24 – 31, 2012 – Travel With Kat – “Local Character”
40. April 10 – 16, 2012 – The Travel Bunny – “Street Scene”
41. April 23 – April 30, 2012 – Adventure Crow – “Spirit of the Country”
42. May 7 – 14, 2012 – Food Travel Bliss – “Evening”
43. May 17 – May 24, 2012 – Matt Gibson – “Adventure”
44. May 30th – June 6, 2012 – Flashpacker HQ – “Once In A Lifetime”
45. July 23rd – July 30, 2012 – Skinny Backpacker – “Surreal”
46. August 10 – August 17, 2012 – 2away – “Smile”
47. Aug 27 – Sept 2, 2012 – Bridges and Balloons – “Excellent Splendour of the Universe”
48. Sept 8 – Sept 15, 2012 – The GypsyNester – “What the ?!”
49. Oct 22 – Oct 29, 2012 – Runaway Juno – “Sweet”
50. Nov 12 – Nov 19, 2012 – GQ Trippin – “Play”
51. Nov 25 – Dec 2, 2012 –  Life’s Little Victories – “Friendship”
52. Dec 15-22, 2012 –  Breakaway Backpacker – “Face”


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85 thoughts on “Travel Photo Roulette Round #53: Serendipity

  1. Dyanne@TravelnLass

    Goodness, looks like you had some stiff competition there for the last TPR round. But I’m not at all surprised you won. Nicely done, sir!

    Seems to me I entered that challenge a few times in the past, but had somehow lost track of it. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention – and a theme to warm the cockles of my favorite word heart: serendipity!

    Indeed, By definition one can’t p-l-a-n such wondrous bits of stray delight ‘cuz… well, that’s precisely what makes them so magical, yes?

    O.k. will rummage through my files to see what “serendipity” I can find. g-knows I’ve had my fair share of the travel serendipity elixir over the years, but question izzz… did I manage to capture any of it in pixels??? We shall see.
    Dyanne@TravelnLass recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Mama & Baby OrangutansMy Profile

  2. Jeremy

    My moment of serendipity came in Banff National Park in Canada when, driving along the road, we saw a medium sized black bear up in the tree! Our driver pulled over and let us get a good glimpse of an animal that I had never seen in the wild up until that point. It really wanted what was whatever in the leaves and I’m surprised the branches even held its weight.
    Jeremy recently posted..Angie Taking Photos of Things – Spain EditionMy Profile

    1. James Post author

      Those branches definitely look spindly! I’m going to have to re-think my go-to strategy of climbing up a tree the next time I’m chased by a bear! Seriously, though, I’ve been to Africa twice and never got to see a leopard in a tree, so I’m living vicariously through you! Must have been a wow moment when you spotted it!
      James recently posted..Are you a celebrity? Cuz I just might stalk you…My Profile

  3. Mike Tatarski

    My moment of serendipity came in Do Luong, a small town in north-central Vietnam. I was part of a group riding bicycles from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City for charity, and we happened upon a wedding in this town. A number of us stopped and were immediately welcomed with food and drink. The contrast between us, in our mud-covered cycling gear, and the guests in their Sunday best was striking.

    This picture is of three riders with the groom’s best man, who took a liking to us and invited us over to his house after the wedding party ended.

    1. James Post author

      Great story! LOVE those impromptu interactions with the locals! Guessing there was a fair bit of karaoke involved? “Born to be Wild”? (Sorry! Can’t think of any cycling karaoke songs!)
      James recently posted..My Asparagus DealerMy Profile

  4. Andrea

    Our flight from Lima to Bogota put us on the same plane as the lead singer of one of my husband’s favourite bands, Tom Araya from Slayer. John had actually spotted Tom the day before during our tour of a monastery, but didn’t want to disturb him. Seeing him the second time was too much of an opportunity to miss, so we headed over to have a chat with him. Tom was so friendly that he gave us a lot of time, chatting about South America and inviting us to their show in Bogota a couple of days later. We were so busy talking that the plane started to board and we missed the chance to get a photo with him, but here is a shot from the concert. It’s pretty awesome to be on the guest list of the lead singer for a show, not to mention see a concert in Bogota!
    Andrea recently posted..London’s Unusual Bars and RestaurantsMy Profile

  5. Greg Goodman

    What to pick… what to pick.
    Is it one of the shots where a flock of birds flew into the scene at just the right moment?
    Or when the serious person got distracted and made a funny face?

    I’ve had a blast looking through my archives, but the most serendipitous photo would have to be this one of a sunset over the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral).

    Granted, I spent quite a while waiting for the blimp to be in just the right spot between the spires, but it was complete serendipity that the sun happened to be right in the window of the cathedral… and that the blimp was even there… and that I got out of work early that day… and that I happened to have my camera with me… and, of course, that I was there at that moment in time to capture it.

    For the full story and more photos of the Kolner Dom, check out
    Greg Goodman recently posted..My 12 Favorite Photos from 12 Months of 2012My Profile

  6. Adam at GettingStamped

    Pick up games of Soccer form as the sunsets on the beach in Bali, Indonesia. Boys gather to play on the compacted sand as the tide pulls out in the late afternoon. Serendipity happens as a boy kicks the nearly worn out ball through the goal posts made of mounds of sand, he is a hero for the moment.
    Adam at GettingStamped recently posted..Saving for an RTW trip – Our very own ‘Fiscal Cliff’My Profile

  7. The GypsyNesters

    We were worried about the altitude in Peru and were willing to try ANYTHING to help with the side effects – but this is NOT a ringing endorsement (but a happy moment of serendipity if there ever was one!): Inside the Cusco airport we spotted a cure for the light-headed feeling and sleepiness that the low oxygen at high altitude can bring on, a booth with something called OxiShot. But wait, the clerk is out cold, must be the thin air.
    The GypsyNesters recently posted..How The Galápagos Made Birders Out of UsMy Profile

      1. Dyanne@TravelnLass

        Oh my yes, James. And the full story is that – yes, you can do bush walks at Kruger NP with armed guards. We (4 of us + 2 armed rangers) drove in an open jeep at dawn – far into the bush, then stopped and all got out of the jeep. We’d all walked about 100 feet from the jeep when suddenly we all heard a loud ROAR! I happened to be looking at the ranger’s face at that moment, and suffice his eyes showed sheer TERROR. Nonetheless, he quietly said “All right, now let’s all just quickly get back in the JEEP.” LOL, it was like reversing a video in slow-motion. We were all terrified, and verily FLEW backwards piling back into the (relative) safety of the open jeep.

        We then drove around the corner, about 300 feet – and there we saw the entire pride (about 14 males, females and juveniles) all devouring a freshly killed wildebeest. Interestingly, apparently as long as we kept all our appendages inside the jeep (i.e. didn’t “break the profile of the jeep”), the lions wouldn’t bother us ‘cuz they’re used to jeeps at Kruger. We were able to sit there – no more than 50 ft. from the pride – and snap pics for nearly an hour. At one (anxious) point, one of the females walked towards us, getting as close as the front wheel of the jeep, all the while staring at us. But then she walked back to her breakfast and we all let out a BIG sigh of relief. 😉
        Dyanne@TravelnLass recently posted..The TravelnLass Looks Back on 2012: The MovieMy Profile

        1. James Post author

          I think it just hasn’t caught on. Anytime I mention camping to my local friends, they get a terrified look. “It’s not like the West. That’d be too dangerous here!” is the inevitable reply… Although I do know there’s a camping store here. I should ask them if there are sites or if they’re just selling to tourists!
          James recently posted..Travel Photo Roulette Round #53: SerendipityMy Profile

  8. Leslie

    Great theme! My moment of “serendipity” came this summer when I won the NY Parks Department lottery to camp overnight in Central Park! Growing up in the NYC suburbs, I was told NEVER to venture into a city part at night, much less Central Park. (Have you seen “The Warriors”?!) So the idea of hanging out in the city’s most famous park in the wee hours of the morning was exciting. My husband Jake and I set up our tent, ate military-style MREs (meals ready to eat) and went on an evening walking tour with a ranger. We even saw real wildlife– a raccoon! I feel lucky to be among the chosen few who has legally slept in Central Park. As you can see from this photo, since there are so many lights in Manhattan it never gets truly dark in the park; the sky had a mysterious pink glow picked up by my DSLR.
    Leslie recently posted..PHOTOS: Art and History at the National World War II Museum in New OrleansMy Profile

    1. James Post author

      Hi Leslie!

      Great photo and very cool story! I love that you put “legally” slept in CP… Who would’ve thought that photo could’ve been taken in one of the biggest cities in the world? (And really sorry for the delay in posting, for some reason, your comment didn’t show up in the queue!)
      James recently posted..Travel Photo Roulette Round #53: SerendipityMy Profile

  9. Torre – Fearful Adventurer

    They were launching a doco in Melbourne called Not Quite Hollywood and I was invited to walk the red carpet with my dad, a writer who was interviewed in the film. This was the first time I’d ever had a chance to do something like this with him, and I was too excited to bother taking any photos. Walking the red carpet was a brief, surreal moment.

    Later, a friend of my sister’s posted a pic on Facebook of the Not Quite Hollywood event. This guy happened to be there, watching on, and he took a random snap of random people on the red carpet. My sister saw the pic on his FB wall and wrote, “HEY! That’s my sister and my dad!” Indeed it was. The moment had been captured serendipitously. (I’m in the brown jacket.)
    Torre – Fearful Adventurer recently posted..One Last Attempt at Motorcycle TouringMy Profile

  10. ryan

    As always you take great pictures mr. Jimmy Thai did not know you meet Adam Sandler how was that is he really funny in person?..

  11. Lee Carter @ Global Goose

    When we were in the USA visiting family we had a free 5 day window to go anywhere we wanted. Spoiled for choice we were debating back and forth about places whilst in a bar in Brooklyn. Another customer overheard us and joined in the conversation, she raved about New Orleans, a place we had not considered as it was pretty far away from were we were staying in Virginia. Her enthusiasm and descriptions were that convincing that we decided to take the 24hr greyhound bus journey down and ended up having the most memorable trip. A stand out moment was walking back to our hotel when a marching band came up behind us seemingly from nowhere, we followed them to Armstrong park where there was a free Jazz concert that evening with plenty of great music, amazing New Orleans food and nice cold beer .

    Best described as a series of very fortunate events, or serendipity.
    Lee Carter @ Global Goose recently posted..5 Movies That Will Make You Afraid to TravelMy Profile

  12. tj

    Hi James,

    You don’t know Vietnam if you’ve never been on a motorbike!
    We have seen it on Youtube and blogger’s photos and we already have our own images of Saigon in our minds but you have to really see it to believe it. Believe what? How jam-packed Le Loi and Dong Khoi streets are during Christmas, New Year and Tet!

    It’s lively, crazy and happy but pray while you cross the streets…that is! 😉

  13. Kathryn

    When I first saw the theme I thought that it was a really tough one but having given it some thought I found a few that I hope fit the bill as you can see if you visit my post on ‘Serendipity’.

    I’ve decided to enter the camel herder and his young charge…

    When driving through Rajasthan, we asked the driver to stop when we saw some camels with their herders by the roadside. Just as I was about to take this picture the camel looked up and stared back into his herder’s eyes. A wonderful moment to capture on camera.

    Thanks for another great theme! My favourite so far is the lady asleep while she’s supposed to be selling Oxishot from the Gypsy Nesters. It really made me chuckle.
    Kathryn recently posted..Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accidentMy Profile

  14. Vana

    Since I’ve watched a documentary on Rodney Fox’s shark attack, I’ve always wanted to have an encounter with these fascinating creatures.
    Being in the cage in front of the great whites is an amazing feeling, words aren’t powerful enough to describe it.This is my favorite pictures from my shark dive in Neptune Islands (South Australia) last September. It give this impression of being just human…

    1. James Post author

      What an experience that must have been! I was in Great White territory in False Bay, Cape Town and was seriously considering doing a shark dive, but in the end, didn’t get to. (My aunt who I was staying with was opposed to it, as are many of the locals…) But to see one in the wild must’ve been awesome!
      James recently posted..Travel Photo Roulette Round #53: SerendipityMy Profile

  15. Ferreting Out The Fun

    While riding the bus in Ho Chi Minh City, I glanced out the window to see a very elegant woman in traditional Vietnamese dress riding a canary yellow Vespa. I quickly turned on my camera and snapped a shot before she rode past, praying that the photo wouldn’t be blurry since there wouldn’t be time for another try. It ended up being my favorite photo from the trip! I think it really captures the essence of HCMC – old traditions racing into the modern world.
    Ferreting Out The Fun recently posted..Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, BangkokMy Profile

  16. Meghna

    Hi James, love you blog… All the pictures have captured something unique. However my favorite is Entry #5. Looks almost like a painting… All the best to all the contestants.

  17. Craig - Flashpackatforty

    We visited the JSA on the Korean border, your time to take pictures here is limited as you are herded quickly through the high security area, I wanted an image of the South Korean soldiers watching the North Koreans, I managed just to snap this before the North Korean soldier in the distance ducked back behind the pillar.
    Craig – Flashpackatforty recently posted..Rajasthan Road Trip: Fatehpur SikriMy Profile

  18. Sam

    James you are hilarious!! I was in stitches reading your intro to the competition. “Cambodian Oxcart Drivers Named Soksay” would have been a cracker of a theme haha. I got caught up with other work this week and did not get around to entering, but it was a great theme. Lots of terrific photos there, good luck with the judging!
    Sam recently posted..Sarah vs the Abalone: A squirmy taleMy Profile

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